Hello whoever happens to be reading this! This is one of my many stories that I have decided to work on as a continuous project, you will be getting a chapter once every one to two weeks. I can’t promise anything, because atm I am studying to get into college.

Anyway, here is the teaser/prologue of my story, hope you enjoy!



“Three fourths of the population have been trapped in the game known as Starack’s World. More people every day are going into this game, rather than live in the world as we know it. We predict that in 8 years, by 3021 every man and women will have joined the game.” The voice crackled out of the radio. Both the guest and the host where making small noises in agreement.
“To be completely honest, the game is better than what we have turned this world into. I wouldn’t mind joining them myself, rather than look at the wasteland that is our earth, every day.” The guest on The Daily Show says to its host.
“Yes, but are you truly escaping? Won’t you feel the pain you must cause to every creature that could be saved if you stayed to help them?” The host asks his guest..
“The creatures are already adapting to this harsh environment, as they will continue to do long after everyone is in the game. And I have brothers and sisters in the game who I would love to see.” The guest replies.
“What about the harsh environment in the game? Demons larger than the extinct elephant, Giant spiders who could swallow you in one bite, wouldn’t that be more dangerous in its own way?” The host says.
“In the game we can become different humanoid species, cast spells, and enchant swords. Yes, there is admittedly some danger. But we would survive, as we always do.” the guest smiles at the camera.
“Aren’t you worried about something in this world harming you, while you are in that one?” The host shoots out another question.
“Didn’t you hear?” When he sees the hosts questioning face, he continues “They opened up one of the pods, and when they studied it, they found out that you get transported into the game somehow.”
“So, you are willing to enter this game, and in doing so, leave every one you care about behind. Because this game will not let you return.” the host replies.
“I suppose I am.” The guest replies
The host looks surprised, nods, and then says “Well that is it for our show today, we will -hopefully- see you next time.”